Learn how skateboards are made with the Nanodek build kit!

by Open Source Skateboards

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NANODEK Fingerboard Factory


Bulk pricing (10+ kits): $28 each. Contact us to order.

The Nanodek build kit is an educational kit that contains the tools and materials to make fingerboards from paper.

This kit includes: molds, a board template, "veneers", glue, fingerboard tool, trucks, wheels, & more*
*Scissors not included


Includes 1 set of trucks & wheels and 2 sets of veneers.


"The Nanodek kits are a perfect solution for both at-home and in-person learning environments that quickly became the students' favorite project of the year! We were easily able to extend the project into a sculptural skate park design with recyclable materials for Earth Day! Beau is exceptional at addressing any concerns and made the ordering and receiving process a dream! Thank you for making our school year an exciting and totally rad adventure!"

- Lindsay D., Middle School Art Teacher, Texas

"Saying that my students enjoyed the Nanodeks would be an understatement. They absolutely loved the Nanodek concept and the activities we built around the Nanodeks... The class used the Nanodeks to research momentum, friction, gravity and mass... [w]hile also designing their own skateboard. The entire project took about a month to do and the kiddos really enjoyed it, both in school and at home... I will definitely be ordering another class set for next year and years to come."

- Allan M., 5th Grade Teacher, New York

"Hybrid school was so fragmented that we didn't do them at school. I gave a kit to each of the TAG kids to do at home. They loved putting them together! The ones who brought back the skateboards to show me did a great job and loved playing with them! In fact, two of the students had them at school this week in my class (months later). Obviously, they were a big hit!"

- Joe M., Middle School Engineering Teacher, Oregon

Getting Started

Tutorial Video

Want more instructions?
Check out the detailed process for advanced builds (no pre-cut veneers) here.



Share your creations & get inspired. @nanodek_fb #nanodek


Scaling up? Refill your stock with our refill kits.


Design & print your own custom templates.


Board parts refill kit
Trucks & wheels for completing your NANODEKs.
Number of sets

"Veneer" refill kit
Each veneer set includes 8 paper veneers.
Number of sets

Wood fingerboard build kit
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Perfect for classroom and virtual education, contact us for bulk pricing (10+ kits)

Build with us!

We offer an online class package of three 30-minute sessions for $240. This package can be tailored for students or for teachers seeking training.

Build Instructions, Part 1:

Build Instructions, Part 2:

Lesson Plans

Extension: Digital Design

Coming soon!

Extension: Skatepark Design

Coming soon!

Extension: Video Production

Coming soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What else will I need to make fingerboards?

You will need scissors to build your NANODEK, and the NANODEK kit includes everything else.

How many fingerboards can I make with one kit?

The kit includes materials to make one complete fingerboard and one extra deck, however, you can continue using the molds and template to make as many boards as you'd like! You can purchase additional trucks and wheels here.

Can I make boards out of other materials?

Yes! We've tested with many different paper types and encourage you to experiment with other materials. Please share, use the #nanodek tag, and tag @nanodek_fb with any of your creations!

What ages is this kit suitable for?

We recommend this kit for ages 11 and up. While our lesson plans are designed for students in middle and high school, almost any age can enjoy building a NANODEK.


The 3 "whys" of NANODEK


Because youth need projects that are hands-on, relevant, and accessible.


Because with screens and digital content dominating youth's work time and free time, alternatives are needed that are relevant so that interest in tangible creativity can be sparked and maintained.


Because increased sedentary activity and increased social media use can weaken mental and physical health, while creativity and body movement can strengthen mental and physical health.


The mission of NANODEK is to spark and cultivate feelings of empowerment, curiosity, and creativity in youth to enable healthier lives.

What NANODEK success looks like:

More youth are proactively creative - having made a NANODEK, they have built confidence in their own creative abilities.

More youth take interest in riding skateboards, which is a physical activity that builds grit, resilience, and appreciation for the outdoors.

More teachers focus on providing guidance, rather than just wrangling attention.

More parents free up their own time while their children proactively and independently learn.

More youth are mindful of eco-friendly materials, recycling, and reuse.


Hi! I'm just writing this to say "hi" and let you know who's working behind the scenes of Nanodek. Nanodek is part of Open Source Skateboards, a skateboard/educational project I started in 2014 that empowers creatives through skateboarding. I've been a skateboarder for over 20 years and have a professional background in engineering. I've taught various STEM classes and workshops to students, teachers, and other adults since 2015, and have seen firsthand the positive impact of hands-on projects that are relevant to the learner. Through Open Source Skateboards, I strive to serve other skaters and builders by providing them with the tools - whether that's boards, molds, or software - to help them progress their creative crafts.
Nanodek kits are assembled in San Diego, California, and many of the kit parts are built in-house - the molds are machined here, the paper templates and veneers cut here, and more.
Thanks for taking the time to learn about Nanodek, and I hope it can help you make a positive impact!

- Beau Trifiro